What happens when you block someone on monkey quest?

Drew Hartmann asked a question: What happens when you block someone on monkey quest?
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🚩 When did monkey quest shut down?

When did Monkey Quest shut down?

  • Monkey Quest. It was developed by Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group and launched in March 2011. It was showcased at GDC in 2011. Monkey Quest was shut down on September 26, 2014 so that Nickelodeon could focus on other digital and mobile experiences. The Monkey Quest: Thunderbow app was also removed from the App Store on July 31, 2014.

🚩 When will monkey quest reborn come out?

  • Monkey Quest Reborn is a revival project of a game called Monkey Quest which got shut down on the 26th of September, Monkey Quest Reborn is a free game. The game contains no membership, advertisements or any other forms of revenue. There are currently 6 developers working hard on this project, to bring huge updates frequently.

🚩 How do you give a present to someone in monkey quest?

you don't

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What happens is when you block a monkey they can't chat group or trade with you

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Osrs what happens to quest cape when new quest added?

  • Should a new quest be released, the cape will be unequipped and the player wearing it cannot equip or operate it until the new quest is completed. If the player's inventory is full, the cape will be banked instead. In the event that their inventory and bank are both full, the cape will have to be re-purchased from the Wise Old Man.

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Are there games like monkey quest?

Wolf Quest but you will have to download it...

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Is monkey quest safe to download?

Only if you download it from the official website.

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Will monkey quest ever come back?

quest reborn monkey quest reborn 2020

The possibility of Monkey Quest coming back is almost impossible but i believe we can do it by either remaking it or bringing it back either way everyone will be happy although if it is rebuilt it must be the same for the same feelings for the game, when they took down Monkey Quest all the happiness drained out of my ...

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What are the 5 tribes of monkey quest?

Ootu Mystics Sea Dragons Chim Foo Thunderthud Nomads (unreleased) Met-Tek (unreleased)

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What are the monkey quest membership card codes?

They are card codes in monkey quest

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What is a tribe urn from monkey quest?

It's sorta like a vase. You retrieve some urns when you do a quest for Maurice the Gorilla.

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What is the highest level on monkey quest?

Hi, I am new from monkey quest. But i also think that the highest level in monkey quest is 100. I think so

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What is the password for monkey quest hack?

what hack password are they talking about

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What happens when you cancel your quest account?

  • Please keep in mind that when you cancel your Quest Account, you are also canceling your MyQuest account and your billing log in information. This means that you will no longer be able to use your MyQuest account to view lab results or log in and pay bills. Why do I need to schedule an appointment?

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What happens when you finish a timed quest?

  • Finishing a Timed Quest for the first time rewarded 50 QP of each type and ranking in one of the three leaderboards also rewarded a certain amount of both types of QP depending on the player's position. Both types of QP had associated prize lists where the player could cash in their earned QP.

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When do you get the guardian knight helmet on monkey quest?

after you defeat the big shadow bug creature i think vespir or something, you get the quest from the guardian knight commander, just follow the quest line.

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How do you type a name for your monkey in monkey quest?

you cant i tried and it wont work there`s no way you can type your own name...sorryJust to addThey don't let you choose your own name incase it's inappropriate.

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How do you delete a quest on monkey quest?

Go to your quest journal and then click the quest and at the bottom it will say take off quest? and click that

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Are there discounts for monkey quest membership?

From time to time Monkey Quest will give discounted memberships. You have to keep an eye on it though.

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Are there sixty levels in monkey quest?

nope........ there are more levels than that

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Can you change your monkey quest tribe?

no you can not

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Can you get monkey quest membership cards?

Yes, you can actually get them at any WalMart or Target. Gamestop has them as well. They are called Nickelodeon cards but they have Monkey Quest on them.

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Does it cost money for monkey quest?


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How do you save in monkey quest?

it saves by its self [auto]

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How many levels are in monkey quest?

923.7, (.7 because they last level froze and shut down)

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Is monkey quest membership safe to use?


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Where are the dragonflies on monkey quest?

in the floating iles go to crossroad and go down the bridge and go left and you see a portal and go left again and your there

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