What games are like wolf quest but a horse?

Lilyan Runolfsson asked a question: What games are like wolf quest but a horse?
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🚩 Are there any virtual wolf games you can download other than wolf quest and feralheart and wolf?

yah... theres endless forest

🚩 Is there an games that are close to wolf quest?

no Omar

🚩 Are there games like monkey quest?

Wolf Quest but you will have to download it...

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Does wolf quest 3 have hunters?

you will halft to wait and see because it is not out yet

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How do you beat wolf quest?

You must continue to complete the quests. For now as of Episode 2.5, the current final quest is successfully getting to your Rendezvous Site with atleast one pup living.

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How much is wolf quest 2.7?

Full Game WolfQuest 2.7: The entire game with Amethyst, Slough Creek, and the new Lost River map, Multiplayer, and all customizations for $15.

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Is a wolf quest account free?


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Is there a australian wolf quest?

Wolf Quest is the same for all countries.

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Is wolf quest anniversary edition multiplayer?

We have released multiplayer for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition! It's available now in v1… Multiplayer truly is the reason that WolfQuest has survived since the very first release in 2007 and we are thrilled to finally bring it back in Anniversary Edition.

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Is wolf quest on playstation 2?

No, Wolf Quest is only for downloading on your computer.

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In wolf quest what elk is the weakest?

The cow elk. Don't go for the bull elk unless your mate is with you or you will die

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What year is wolf quest 2 coming out?

2009 about October/November

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Is there a game you can be a bear on that like wolf quest?


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What happens after the final mission in wolf quest?

all that happens is you howl because you got to the summer den and then you can keep playing the same thing or get a freakin wolfquest account!

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How do you get to wolf quest?

Go to Internet type in Wolf Quest. Click on the first thing you see. Download game. Then get multiplayer. Trust me it is fun!

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Were is slough creek on wolf quest?

slough creek is on wolf quest version 2

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Where can you download wolf quest 2.5?

you can download wolf quest 2.5 at the site

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Where can you found wolf quest 2?

wolfquest.org or go to google.com and search "play wolf quest"

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How do you get to second quest for wolf quest?

To play Survival of the Pack (also known as "the second quest" or second episode), you will need to have first completed Amethyst Mountain and saved your game after finding your mate in the first quest. With such a save on your computer, from the startup screen hit "Single Player" and under the load section select Slough Creek.Your save will load in Slough Creek with your saved wolf and his/her mate, ready to begin the journey to start your own pack, which includes giving birth to, protecting, feeding and growing pups.Note: In order to play the second quest, you will need to have downloaded and installed any version above 2.0.x. Versions below 1.6.4 do not include the second quest which was released in an update during 2010 and 2011 respectively.

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What is the meaning of a horse quest?

A horse quest is when you go to a market, farm or a dealer to buy a horse from them. Sometimes they also include equipment. They sell most types of horses and ponies.

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Can you play wolf quest without downloading it?

nope. sorry

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Do you have to pay for wolf quest?

The free game features Amethyst Mountain, the first level of the game where you can explore Yellowstone's wilderness, hunt elk, communicate with other wolves, and find a mate. RECOMMENDED DEVICES: The game requires a Android phone or tablet with a fairly powerful graphics card and at least 1.5GB of RAM.

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How do mate on wolf quest on multiplayer?

It is not possible to mate on Wolf Quest.

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How do you search members on wolf quest?

well in single you cant but in multiplayer you can by the chats

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How long does activation in wolf quest take?

it says from 3 hours to 3 days, I'm still waiting for mine :|

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Is there more than 1 wolf quest game?

yes as far as i know they have 2 and 3

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